From a Civil Engnieer to an Artist. With dynamically dancing dervishes trying to burst out or constrains of lines, shapes and forms, Dubai based award-winning artist Ria Sharma, essentially combines Cubism and Sufism in her extraordinary artworks.


Coronavirus concerns, social distancing and gym closures can easily tempt us to sit on the couch all day. While staying at home, we should not miss exercising. Staying in is no excuse to stop staying fit.  Lebanese fitness entrepreneur and former host of „Get Fit“ on MTV, Maya Nassar, shares some tips and ideas focussing on keeping fit at home.


What, how and where we do it influences what can be afforded worldwide. Consumer prices are rising, only in clothing we see a sideways movement. We'll come back to that in a moment, because the situation on the retail market in the Emirates and the surrounding GCC countries remains challenging.