Across the Middle East food is the foundation of every celebration and culinary traditions are revered. You can hardly find any Arab kitchen that doesn’t serve or contain any form of nuts which have. We took a look inside Lebanon's leading nuts brand – Castania Nuts. The family owned roasting company was


What, how and where we do it influences what can be afforded worldwide. Consumer prices are rising, only in clothing we see a sideways movement. We'll come back to that in a moment, because the situation on the retail market in the Emirates and the surrounding GCC countries remains challenging.

Luxury healthcare is comfortable and provides all the services we expect from a 5-star hotel. A luxury hospital has amenities similar to those of a hotel.

Facts & Figures of the fastest growing UAE industry - recording a 10 per cent growth this year to make it a larger than US$500 billion market and a rapidly advancing niche - the Wellness Tourism.