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Social Media: Sein oder Nichtsein

Social Media ist in aller Munde. Doch einfach ein Account zu haben, reicht leider nicht aus, Menschen zu gewinnen. Warum sind die einen erfolgreich und andere nicht? Der Frage möchte ich in Zukunft hier nachgehen. Ganz offensichtlich sind Facebook, Instagram und Co. auch Ihnen wichtig im Leben geworden. Nur wenige stellen sich allerdings die Frage „Wofür bin ich in den sozialen Medien unterwegs?“ READ MORE

Business & Wealth by Sandi Saksena

Contributing to the high cost of living

by Sandi Saksena

Dubai and Abu Dhabi have been rated most expensive cities to live in the Arab world, according to Mercer’s 2017 Dubai and Abu Dhabi rose in the rankings for 2017, with Dubai entering the top 20 ranking of approximately 200 global cities.  READ MORE

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Pay yourself first

by Sandi Saksena

Why did you come here what is your objective - more money, better life, paying off debts starting afresh? Prioritize your reasons Stay focused. Don’t get sidetracked. READ MORE

Shrink it and Pink it

by Sandi Saksena

Gendered pricing by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs reveals Women centric stuff not only cost more but contain less of the product. WHY? 


Money Attitude

‘We can alter our lives by altering our attitudes’ 

The mind is a dutiful servant and will follow the instructions we give it. ...... What does money mean to you? It helpful to know, because many of the attitudes below if taken to an extreme can sabotage your wellbeing. READ MORE