Classy DUBAI is an online magazine about the unique lifestyle in Dubai. The mix of western modernity and the Arabic luxury makes Dubai to an incomparable place.  Classy DUBAI it´s addressed to the German Community in UAE and to to all people in in the world interested in Dubai. We’re covering high level products, places, people, events and the Arabic culture in order to show Dubai as an unique place for shopping, to discover, to live and to invest.


Classy DUBAI is building specific and strong relationship with newspapers and magazines, to particular influencing and creative people/institutions in Dubai and Europe based on trust and professionalism resulting in returns to all parties involved.


Origin from Berlin/Germany, living in Dubai for more than ten years. Experienced in journalism, public relations and management consultancy. With our experience and network of high profile partners in politics, industry and sports we established the blog because of the demand for information in German language.



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