Dubai has grown to be the ultimate tourism hub, and the number of tourists is expected to soar as UAE aims to expand this sector. Dubai tourism experts say that at least 20 million tourists are expected in the city by 2020. These figures can be attributed to government support, unique sites, attractions, and the thriving hospitality industry. Dubai is a tourism, entertainment, and business hub. Tourists who visit Dubai have something new to see and do every time. With affordable flights and accommodation, the number of tourists in Dubai will continue to rise even beyond 2020.

Dubai Tourism Vision 2020 

The UAE government launched this strategy in 2013, and the goal is to attract 20 million tourists every year by 2020. This strategy aims to make Dubai the preferred destination for business and leisure. The government plans to boost Dubai tourism by broadening the infrastructure, improving tourism rates, and investing in technology. The main objectives of this strategy are:

  • To uphold Dubai’s market share in the world

  • To develop sectors that have the potential of attracting tourists

  • Increasing repeated visits

How Dubai Will Attract 20 Million International Tourists by 2020


Dubai is a beautiful city filled with many wonders, but what people don’t see is the effort and planning behind these attractions. To achieve the goal of reaching 20 million visitors by 2020, Dubai tourism industry receives support from the government and the private sector. Below are some of the strategies Dubai has adopted to achieve its goal:

Expo 2020

Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai, and it will be the most comprehensive world expo. There will be at least 192 countries, and each will have their exhibition stand for the first time. There will be numerous live performances featuring famous international celebrities, comedy, and local talents. Tourist will experience culture from different continents through dances, poetry, and fashion shows. There will be a lot of activities during the day and night.


With the number of visitors expected to rise exponentially because of the expo, the government continues to improve the infrastructure and enhance security. Increasing the number of units to host tourists is one of the strategies Dubai is using to prepare for a large number of visitors.

The Hospitality Industry

Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and affordable hotels in the world. Due to the rise in the number of tourists over the years, the hospitality industry has improved its services as well as the number of hotels. Dubai tourism has led to many upcoming resorts and hotels. Although the hospitality industry continues to grow, the services remain top-notch.

Dubai remains on its quest to reach 20 million visitors by 2020 with impressive numbers; for instance, the city hosted 8.10 million international overnight visitors in the first 6 months of 2018. Visitors can choose from beach hotels that offer private apartments, to city hotels where they can have a clear view of the area.


Apart from the exemplary services, some hotels offer spa treatments, gym services, and most have WI-FI and television in their suites.

Affordable Offers

Although Dubai is among the most visited cities in the world, most people could not afford to spend as much time as they wanted. However, Dubai tourism received a boost from the slashing of tourism fees.


The hospitality sector improved because of the reduced costs, therefore, offering affordable prices to visitors. This way tourist can spend more days in the country within their budget. Tourists can also claim refunds of VAT added to their purchases. Visitors will receive their reimbursement via a unique system as they leave. The returns are available to tourists who have tax invoices from the registered outlets, copies of credit cards, and passports.

Unique Attractions and Sites 

Dubai attracts many tourists because of its unique sites, topography, culture, technology, and theme parks. People know some of the most famous buildings such as the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest building internationally and the Burj Al Arab because of its beautiful glass façade. However, there are other elegant architectural designs such as the Cayan Tower located in Dubai Marina or the Maze Tower along Sheikh Zayed road. The UAE government aims to boost Dubai tourism by promoting overseas campaigns and encouraging tourists to visit different areas of the vast city. Numerous theme and water parks, such as the IMG World of adventures and Wild Wadi waterpark are significant attractions. Activities like desert safaris and scuba diving attract different tourists.

Although Dubai tourism sector is booming, the government aims to increase the number of visitors in the country. The tourism strategy will see Dubai host at least 20 million international visitors by 2020. Government support in both the private and public sector is one of the reasons the tourism industry continues to grow.