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Real men don't talk about cosmetics. Not if we are over 60.  Men don't read about it either. And yet you will read on until the end, because this is about technology, energy and a miracle.


It all started in the 70s, when I trained hard in one of the leading athletics clubs. Sprinter. At the same time, my sports teacher brought me to an upper league basketball club, and I ended up playing handball. Always full throttle, always full commitment. A first unnoticed, then underestimated knee injury soon became noticeable and I found myself in the OR month after month; for lubricant injections under the kneecaps. But sometime in 1981 I was fed up with the painful and not quite dangerous procedure. Had he not been one of Berlin's best-known orthopaedists, I would not have believed him when the doctor later revealed to me that there was nothing left to be done. Never jog again. Squash? Forget it. "Buy yourself a dog, you'll at least keep your knees moving."


Let's skip the next few decades. Dubai, early 2016. The phone rings. A dear friend calls from Germany. "I know how your knees are doing. There is a solution, the 'Miracle from Hungary'. Let's try it out with you." When someone calls you and talks about miracles - from a country you only associate with salami, vegetables and wine - what goes through your head? That's exactly how I felt. But Uschi Möller is a serious lady and we have known each other for a long time. She in turn knows that I am always open to new things. After all, where would we all be today if our ancestors had only done what they always did? "Well, you always know what you're doing. I look at it." 


A short time later she is standing in our apartment in Dubai's Business Bay, not far from the famous Burj Khalifa, with heavy luggage full of white, cool designed flacons. I mention this because the three kilometres on the boulevard around the Burj were regular routine, but always with small stops to straighten the tendons and cool the knees. Without much ado, explanation or promises, Uschi takes one of the spray bottles and sprays my neck and knees. My sweetheart gets a mist on the psoriasis areas. Overnight additional a full portion of Body Lotion of the same brand is added to the sprayed areas. 

The next day, the familiar but unloved pain begins to disappear. After a week of constant spraying and applying cream, I celebrate the first knee bends in many years. Without pain, without cracking. Without injections, without bandages. Call it whatever you want, I quickly understand why people call it a miracle. But the real miracle is - the spray is cosmetics. What we experience are almost unbelievable "side effects" of our body. 


If you look around in your circle of friends you don't see anyone who doesn't want to look younger, nobody who doesn't pay attention to himself. Same here. We call friends and family. Soon the fan community in the Emirates grows, because the effect is immense. Every body is different and so everyone reacts differently, faster, more intensively. But the effect is visible, amazingly visible. The skin becomes clearer, more radiant. Other brands claim the same, but the effect is only temporary - and only if and as long as substances are allowed to penetrate the skin. The aging process is not slowed down.


Let's call the child by its name - Lavylites. Lavylites works on a completely different level. Instead of substances, the spray provides our cells with the blueprint of healthy nature. Lavylites provides information. Some people who have never heard of vibrations, frequencies or quantum physics may not immediately understand this. It doesn't have to be. The amazing results speak for themselves.

To regenerate cells so gently and quickly, only the little genius from the bottle can do that. We all experience it daily on our own bodies. And you hear it: Whenever I mention my age, people think I'm kidding. A simple experiment, which everyone can try out at home, shows the literally "wonderful" and unique effectiveness. Squeeze a lemon and fill the juice into two simple wine glasses. Place one of the glasses a few meters away and cover the remaining glass with a beer mat or the like. Now spray the glass from the outside with the spray. A few sprays are enough. The spray touches only the glass (ergo our skin), not the juice (our cells). After one minute you taste the juice in the sprayed glass. The juice tastes healthy, fresh, natural, lemony. Okay. Now, take a sip from the offside unsprayed glass. The difference is huge. Much more bitter, unpleasantly sour. Note that you haven't touched or sprayed the juice into the glass. The information how a healthy lemon (cell) is, came from outside, gentle, contactless. And the cell is processing the information immediately, as you can see. It is no longer old and sour, but natural, young, fresh. No other product in the world can do that. 


For the sake of completeness: In the meantime there are hundreds of experience reports in the Emirates and from Europe anyway. Doctors, beauticians, dentists and veterinarians, athletes, housewives, people like you and me use and recommend this "cosmetics" with the wonderful "side effects". The Austrian television star and athlete Alexander Rüdiger swears by it. As an amateur, he took top places in the North Pole Marathon, the South Pole Marathon and the Volcano Marathon in 2018.

Humans, animals and plants react equally wonderfully to Lavylites. 


It's a great thing that the genius from the bottle found me. And found you now, too.








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