Photo: Visit Hatta
Photo: Visit Hatta

Leave the city behind and head for the picturesque mountains of Hatta, where a cool climate, rugged horizons and untamed natural environment make for the perfect ecotourism adventure destination in Dubai’s most spectacular National Park. The mountainous area has just reopened as an eco-tourism destination. You can now stay in a mountain lodge or a vintage-style trailer.




Photos: Visit Hatta

A perfect escape for the adventure and activity seeking visitors, Hatta Wadi Hub offers a wide range of experiences to suit every taste. The activities on offer include both paid and free options that range from mountain bike coaching and rentals, to downhill carting, a human sling shot, axe throwing, archery, freefall jumps, Dr Rock station, adventure rope courses, rope bridge, wall climbing, kids and adult’s trampolines, as well as twin and kids zip lines, among others. The hub debuts Hatta Drop-in, Asia’s first water jump park, with a crazy jump, crazy slide, drop-in donuts and drop-in tracks. Visitors can also book for a kayaking or a hiking experience at Hatta Wadi Hub.

Hatta is about 134 kilometres east of Dubai. It is popular among mountain bikers, hikers, adventurers and nature-lovers. 


More information and bookings www.visithatta.com


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