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A big leap…

The scene: January 20, 2018, Dubai, Shangri-La Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road; the main street of the world capital of luxury and lifestyle. Lavylites, a young yet already sensational company from Europe, celebrates their market opening in the Emirates with 300 guests from all over the world. So far nothing unusual for Dubai, but three facts make one sit up. The first, customers call the products cosmetic creations – due to their legendary effects – ‘the wonder from Hungary’. This term has not been marketed by the company, the term was coined by enthusiastic clientele in recent years. Second, the company enters, after nearly two years of probing, a market outside its European domain of fifteen countries. And third, the decisive factor: for the first time, the brand opens in Dubai, the gateway to the world, connecting quantum physics – yes, rightly heard – with health and beauty.


Lifestyle, Well-being, Beauty. Exactly the subject of Classy Dubai, since we know that many of the ‘rich and famous’ reach for the legendary ‘LL’. Even in the Emirates, the creations have found many lovers among locals and expats, although you had to arrange to bring the sprays and cosmetics from Europe.


The guests on this Saturday quickly understand that the so-called ‘miracle’ is pure physics in a bottle, as German quantum physician Ludwig Reiser explains the scientific background and mode of action, which can be summarized as ‘vibration cosmetics’. Cosmetics and supplements, which have proven in addition to beauty care many positive ‘side effects’. That is why naturopaths, doctors, dentists and veterinarians are now reaching for this family of products in the unique pentagon-shaped bottles. The revolutionary principle is based, in brief, on the informative influence on the body’s cells through vibration… and it seems quite reliable.


Previously, in Europe and the Emirates, we have met many customers who documented for us, among other things, skin and hair issues, such as persistent acne, psoriasis, eczema, atopic dermatitis which have been greatly alleviated or have completely disappeared. Others have reported vanishing pain and inflammation. The sprays therefore lift fatigue as well as give increased concentration and well-being. Impressive when people look younger in the ‘after’ picture than in the ‘before’ picture. Noticeable youth, well-being and energy at the push of a button. Meanwhile, this working principle is also formed into herbal pills which support the heart and brain with equally impressive results.


The insider tip of 2014 became meanwhile a worldwide magnet. No country on the planet where Lavylites is unknown. Some creations - just put in the online shop - are already out of stock again. Many companies dream of such a situation. But who is the man behind this sensation?


"I am part of it"

A few weeks later. Evening time at a hotel terrace on Dubai's famous peninsula, ‘The Palm’. Classy Dubai at last meets Hungary's Tibor Jakabovics. At first glance, the modesty in his person is quite noticeable. Nothing reveals to the guests around us that this man in the gray suit is worshiped and admired by hundreds of thousands worldwide. We realize quickly that he really does not care about his stardom. From the agreed one hour became more than two. Our interlocutor chooses his words carefully. He speaks naturally in allegories, pictures and comparisons. There is a reason why people call them ‘creations’ instead of products. As so often is the case, art and science are close together. Can quantum physics be explained at all? The Hungarian scientist appears to be like a poet from the laboratory.


Mr. Jakabovics, so many people know and appreciate your inventions. When did the idea come up, when did the first thought come?

Who can say that where the roots are, when the first idea came up? Can I describe a moment when the first thought came? To discover something works quite differently. First of all, you need the opportunity to discover something. The roots of the whole lie with me around 25 years back. The basic idea was born in rubber boots, in an inhospitable area of Asia.


Inventing is a process. I got this gift. A giftedness. Seriously, where did the idea of the Burj Khalifa come from for the first time? You may be able to name names, but not the specific moment for each individual creation. Our invention is always on the move. It's a long way and I think 100 researchers in 100 years are not enough for that.



From the idea and the product, how was the successful company developed?

It will surprise you, but that was not planned. When I talked about my discovery and how I want to do more research in the future, the people around me said, "Tibor, we want it." Do you know the feeling when the toys of the others are always more interesting? That was my impression at first. But suddenly I understood, we have no more time, because they want my toys, now. And they said "Tibor, we have to make a product out of it". That's exactly what I did not understand at this moment. A business was not my goal. The popularity of my invention amongst the people, however, was immense because of their own experiences with it: "Tibor, make it liquid and put it in bottles." I lived on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so I went by bus to a pharmacist and bought these unsightly, ordinary little brown bottles. At home, we filled them and set €15 as the price. This is how the first 100 bottles were produced. All were stowed in my backpack and I took them, again by public transportation, to Budapest 200 km away. I got the money without hesitation, was astonished, but the matter was settled from my point of view. I did not think about a business. Just when I arrived at home, the phone rang. I let it ring. The fourth time I finally picked up the phone, it was already the customer from the city again. "We need 500 pieces more." How should I get those in the backpack? And so, I took three of those big IKEA bags and set off again. That happened five, six times. You see, the company was organically created by the success. A process ...


How do you deal with the high expectations of people all over the world?

I do not understand it myself as the owner of the company, but I belong to it, I am part of the whole. The more we are, the easier it is to take responsibility for the high expectations. Our community works differently. People get something from me and I ask them how they like it. When something is broken in the body, we connect it again. Then we watch the system and sit back. When we look at it again, you notice the difference. That's understood out there.

Lavylites is often described as information cosmetics. How to understand your Quantum Solutions?

Lavylites is a tool of communication. You know, everything is connected to everything. With our creations we enable the body to think along with them. The human being is an instrument. All people play their own music. Do we play the music, or does it play us? We know as humans what the instrument can do and what it does, but we do not know how.


As poetic as this statement may seem, for me it is clearer than any treatise on Schrodinger's cat. Lavylites already cares for cells, skin, heart. Can one expect more creations?

We still have some projects in the drawer. In each case, the challenge is to stabilize a creation after development in such a way that it persists for the long term. That too is a process. We work without pressure. The durability of the result is in the foreground.


Where do the names of your creations come from?

These are not marketing ideas. They are not designed with a purpose, but inspiration. For Orylium it was like this: I get up very early. In the morning at 4 o'clock you can clear your head, get free, try not to think about something. Everyone knows this from meditating. And suddenly I had this name idea.


What was the reason for the move to Dubai?

Dubai is both relaxing and exciting in a healthy way. The city has a certain attitude: Here you put the switch from zero to power. These parallels to Lavylites are apparent, we worked just like that. There was a measurable demand here. If you call us, we will come. We did not plan the market opening. Lavylites is an organism that decides where it can and wants to live. We listen to the signals. Whenever we all hit a limit, a spark is enough, and the charge ignites. Our strength is mutual learning and support.



CLASSY DUBAI with Tibor Jakabovics, Lavylites



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