AAVVA, the brand known to blend cultural insights into UAE’s rich environment, has revealed their latest SS18 Collection with an exciting Fashion show celebrated at their headquarters in Dubai Design District. The new collection, La Vie En Rose Remix, comprises of 60 looks, divided between street wear and high-end fashion wear.

The Fashion show, first ever-exclusive show from the brand in the UAE, saw well-known names in the region join in to show the love and appreciation. With Dubai Design District’s young and creative vibe to the breezy evening with fun, laughter and eager guests, the fashion show lit the night with stunning styles, radiant colors, of course, invigorating music.


The range said to be inspired by the hit “La Vie En Rose” by French singer Édith Piaf, saw the designers Ahmad Ammar and Vincenzo Visciglia, fantasizing their own inspiration from the famous melody, when the legendary artist discovered a piece of art that demonstrated the passion, love in her.


As she swoons in search for her own escapade for something fun, she finds herself swaying to a tone that was familiar yet unique, upbeat yet almost olden. With almost no time to lose, she put down her tip for the world to sway to its kaleidoscopic and lavish sound. Depicting their interpretation of the romantic fable, the designers have merged the romantic tune with fun pop art.


The most prominent in the art history, pop art fueled the way for freedom in fashion, boldness with color and controversy with its messages. With 1962’s pop art, “Masterpiece”, created by Roy Lichtenstein, as the undertone, the range combines the classic “Ben-Day dots” and speech balloons from the artwork which complements the almost narrative and bold theme of the range.


Combining the exquisite feel of music and art, the designers have created spectacular pieces that are an opposing mix of the softness and the energy, the color and the subtleness, the flare and the fit. Through this beautiful mix of the new with the classic, reminiscing the remix of the golden hit number, AAVVA creates the pieces with an elaborate mix of tulles, chiffons and shimmering organza.


Always been recognized for their upbeat vibe, fine designs, and rich inspirations, the SS18 range sees AAVVA create pieces that showcase an Avant-Garde side to their signature laser cuts, architect inspired structure and diversified styles. The designers recalled the moment of inspiration. “This collection is full of art and passion. We are beyond excited to do our first very own fashion show at our headquarters in Dubai Design District with such an amazing collection”, said Ahmad Ammar & Vincenzo Visciglia.


This collection speaks volumes about their artistic backgrounds combining architecture, art and fashion. From the humble beginnings of the brand to today’s plethora of fast-forward fashion offerings, the brand has come a long way since it first created a piece. This time, AAVVA has also collaborated with Jewelry brand DearN and disti.nctive shoe brand Pamela Koueik, that have created special designs in line with the SS18 ranges. The embroidered cuff from DearN add to the venturesome tone created by the mix of pop art in the pieces.


Forever empowering women, AAVVA’s SS18 collection focuses on the dramatic change in the women’s dress code that brought about more powerful feminism and free form. 


Behind the scene


AAVVA is available at their headquarters in Dubai Design District (Building #5), Galeries Lafayette in Dubai Mall and Le BHV Marais in City Walk, Dubai.