Shrink it and Pink it

by Sandi Saksena

Gendered pricing by New York City Department of Consumer Affairs reveals Women centric stuff not only cost more but contain less of the product. WHY? Manufacturers make the product smaller and more feminine-looking. Female consumers in many parts of the world pay more than their males counterparts be it shampoos, razors, soaps, creams, clothes toys games etc. This applies to where we live as well.

Across the board products for female and male consumers reveal:



Toys cost more 55% of the time

Clothing cost more 26% of the time



Toys costlier 8% of the time.

Clothing costlier 7% of the time



Clothing costlier 40% of the time

Personal care products costlier 56% of the time



Clothing costlier 32%of the time

Personal care products costlier 13% of the time

Overall, products marketed to women cost 42% more Women need smaller versions of clothing, different cuts fashions this cost somewhere between 30-50% more!


So Women, who statistically earn less than men on average, pay a premium for items marketed to them simply because they aren’t aware of this so-called “pink” tax. 


Budget conscious strategy

Buy the men’s version razors shower gel deodorant choose the unscented version Gendered products are sometimes shelved separately to further obscure price differences. look before you buy Avoid pink and girly toys buy gender neutral. 


Calculate costs as without the math, it’s really hard to know


About Sandi

Sandi has lived in the GCC for 46 years. Circumstances forced her to enter the work force at the age of 44 she had no prior work experience to create a CV.  


Sandi devotes her time to her job in personal financial planning with Nexus Insurance Brokers. She also heads the division ‘Family Matters’ at Echelon Advisors and Management Consultants, her family firm.  Her primary focus is the Financial Independence and Empowerment of Women.  


Sandi is an avid contributor to the media on topics related to personal finance, a regular guest speaker on radio and TV and is frequently quoted in the business pages of local and international publications.Sandi uses her expertise in financial planning and talents in public speaking at conferences and seminars to build awareness and promote financial Independence for women. 



1.By CEO Clubs Network ( Platinum Award in Corporate Leadership

2.UNASCO and WILTME for supporting Women’s Initiatives and Women Empowerment in an Outstanding and Professional manner over the years

3. 2016 Personality of the year World of Women Film Fare Middle East in recognition for valuable contribution to woken in the UAE and beyond

4. 2017 Super Women Achievers Award -By 4th Women’s Leadership Congress and Awards Mumbai


Other positions in the community

Founder –Lakh-ME a Trust in India focused on the Financial Independence of Women

Permanent Trustee and Partner Manzil Center for individuals with special needs

Board member Business Women’s Division CEO Clubs

President- Women in film and Television UAE


Life member Athena International

Article by Sandi Saksena


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