Pearlescence Event Part II - A Man is not a Financial Plan


#sowsowreap - It was another fantastic evening of fun and inspiration - with the one & only Cordelia Henry - as we explore the theme “A Man is not a Financial Plan”.  The theme created some smiles amongst the ever growing Pearlescence community. But we have learned from the personal experience of the High-Level Ladies Speaker how important it is to become more in control of our financial affairs and to be financially independent from a man. (Read about the first event here)


Niteese Lenton, Director of Finance of Ford Motor Company

Independent financial security provides more and different options in life. Women should ensure to have a financial plan to be independent. If you´re not independent you are depending on others to lead your life. Her advice - make a financial plan, invest in yourself and don´t be afraid to empower yourself for financial independence.



Roos Meyers, Angel Investments and Founder of Pikaia Women

Pikaia Women works for those who want to take control of their own happiness, wealth and path to success. Roos own experience is building a major property portfolio and then finding a way to keep her wealth. Roos strategy to attract an angel investor is having a business plan, pitch to an angel investor in your industry and be passionate about the project.






Sandi Saksena, Financial Adviser and Founder of Laksh-ME Foundation

Sandi´s advice is women should not to be scared about managing money. Women need to take the responsibility of the financial direction in life and teaching their children to do the same when they grow up. That can empower their lives. Women should start first with writing down the goals, making a plan for the retirement and cut expenses. Another good news: Sandi belongs to our columnists now and started this week her first piece “Money Attitude”.


Sunita Singh-Dalal, Partner at AC&H Legal Consultants

Sunita is helping others to realize their self worth and their potential. Her tips are how to protect her heirs: Having a list of valuable things, manage the family´s finances and all bank accounts. Sunita advise to have an emergency account in the sole name of the woman and making a will.








Silfath Pinto, Wellness Expert & Founder of Luminessence

Silfath believe in living in a world where every woman steps into her light, and creates a rich life, full of love, joy, inspiration and passion. She is telling us how to create a financial freedom mindset: First starting to manage the relationship with money, activate your prosperity mindset, surround yourself with people who help you to growth and active your Sacral Chakra.


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Article by Marla Maria

Pictures:  Paule Knete 


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